Heartwarming Exchange Between Brendan Fraser And His Fan Goes Viral On TikTok, Making The Actor Realize How Many People Support Him Interview

Brendan Fraser. Need I say more? The internet loves him, we love him, and he needs to be protected at all costs. A natural treasure of the present day and a source of nostalgia for a majority of us. The blue eyes, the physique, the stunts, the child-like goofiness to his persona… It all drew us to him. But suddenly, he disappeared. Where had he gone?

Brendan returned, but he wasn’t the same man we grew to love, leaving fans questioning “what happened?” Thankfully, rather than being judgemental, people came back with love and support for Brendan and the extent of it is surprising for the actor himself. In this article we will explore Brendan’s history, the turmoil he’s faced, and the multiple interactions he’s had with fans, showing us his kind-hearted and humble nature.

Brendan Fraser—the leading star in the 1990s, yet one of the most humble men out there

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Brendan Fraser started his career in 1991, making his film debut as a sailor headed to Vietnam in Dogfight. However, we’re most familiar with him in films such as AirheadsGeorge of the JungleBedazzled and, of course, The Mummy. He was the leading star in the 1990s, with film after film coming out in the decade. His physique and ultimately being tall, dark, and handsome landed him roles in action movies, but his range in acting ability had us all glued to the screens.

Suddenly, he disappeared in 2003 and his return made fans question “what happened to Brendan?”

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But suddenly, he disappeared around 2003. Considering the amount of work he’d done the previous decade, maybe he was taking a well-deserved break. Sadly, the reality was a lot darker. Eventually, Brendan returned, shocking fans by how much he had changed. His eyes were less bright, he seemed to have lost his lively sparkle and radiating joy we’d become used to. So, what had happened to Brendan?

Brendan revealed to GQ in 2018 his physical and psychological struggles. He’d spent seven years in and out of hospitals due to injuries he sustained performing his own stunts. The actor told GQ: “By the time I did the third Mummy picture in China, I was put together with tape and ice. I was building an exoskeleton for myself daily.” Multitudes of surgeries on his spine, knees, vocal chords were only the tip of the iceberg.