In addition to answering consumer questions, Alexa will also display advertisements

Marketers and advertisers have been wondering how the market will change since smart speakers and voice assistants became popular. The first thing to keep in mind about SEO is that the way you search and the results you select are changing. Consequently, achieving the top positions requires betting on different elements.

It was also important to take into account the way advertising was going to change, since voice assistants and smart speakers opened up new ways to reach audiences.

The first forms of advertising in this new environment were on podcasts, but could attendees themselves be advertising platforms? Did Siri or Alexa’s sponsored data answer users’ doubts and questions in the future? In fact, it doesn’t seem so far-fetched anymore.

Amazon plans to open up a new ad revenue stream by placing ads within Alexa results. In response to a user’s request, Alexa might serve ads.

In the United States, the functionality will start next year and allow companies to position their products accordingly. It is possible that Alexa will mention a specific stain removal product if the assistant is asked how to remove a stain.

The format will be as follows

Amazon’s head of Alexa Shopping, Rajiv Mehta, explained that this will allow brands to better connect with their customers. Brands interested in participating must register with the Amazon Brand Registry and sign up for a specific service. User questions will be answered by brands and moderated by Alexa moderators.

You can hear more than one announcement on Alexa. In Voicebot, it is explained that this format works a bit like the sponsored search links that Internet users receive on Google. Alexa will simply provide that information. There are several differences between this and the interactive advertising that the assistant already has, such as adding a product to the cart or asking for reminders about it.

What is the big question now – will answering questions to personal assistants now be advertising on a recurring basis? Ads of this type will be receptive – or not – to consumers.

Initially, audio advertising is not unwelcome because it does not feel intrusive. Due to the fact that consumers still don’t encounter so many campaigns of this style, they aren’t as fatigued by them as they may be with banners and other online advertising formats. Things may change if responses become ads.