Outdoor advertising and Samsung’s latest ad 

Are outdoor ads still relevant and effective? The key is in how things are done and, most importantly, in the creativity added to these stagings. The lesson repeated in recent years is that to get attention on the streets – while everyone is glued to their mobile phones – outdoor advertising must be creative or people won’t pay attention.

Samsung’s latest campaign focuses on selling its folding smartphones, the Galaxy Z Flip4 and Z Fold4. A well-measured advertising and marketing campaign is usually used by mobile device manufacturers when they launch new models of their flagship devices. As an example of how it can still be surprising with outdoor campaigns, the giant has shown its ability to do so in this case.

The Belgian campaign. Photo by Samsung

Samsung is also developing foldable billboards. There are folding actions in several countries. In the United Kingdom, one of the jobs is for the Iris agency, and they will be in Manchester and London until the end of October. Both the fence and the terminal are bent. According to the agency, traditional billboards are fine, but they are so common that they are “easy to ignore.” They capture the essence of the phone they’re trying to sell.

Samsung hasn’t just used the idea in London and Manchester, because the company has also done creative outdoor advertising elsewhere, the company’s own blog says. Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip4 billboards in Rio de Janeiro and So Paulo show what the terminal looks like once folded in relief. It works by displaying a photo with a hashtag – and that’s what makes it folded and interactive. In addition, the company has put a phone in urban watches that opens and closes, so you can see what it’s like.

Advertising for Galaxy Z Flip4 on Prague trams

Also, they made replicas of smartphone seats for urban bus stops in Belgium. Users can open or close them: if they open them, they’ll see the phone open and a chair with a back. With drones, they created replicas of the terminal design in Taiwan.

This teaches us

Despite the fact that some of its offerings make “most creative” lists, what’s interesting about this is what it says about outdoor advertising. The campaign can teach us a few things.

The first thing you should know is that outdoor advertising isn’t dead, what’s dead is doing the same thing over and over again. That means a simple billboard with a graphic image that could be from 1990 won’t work. In the midst of everything he sees every day, the consumer is surrounded by amazing audiovisual stimuli.

A good ad must have impact in order for the consumer to stop, look at, admire, and possibly remember it.

Also, this type of campaign emphasizes the value of experiences. Experience-based marketing is key to reaching consumers who are less receptive to ads. Unless it allows something new to be done, it gets no attention or interest.