The benefits of establishing a digital strategy are widely recognized by SMEs

If they hadn’t promoted a digital strategy before or during the pandemic, Spanish SMEs would be worse off today

Capterra asked small and medium-sized companies in Spain that adopted a digital environment before or during the pandemic about their online presence and digital strategies. According to 88% of SMEs who have a digital strategy, they did it right.

Therefore, SMEs perceive digitization as a good move. What would you do without this strategy? 66% of respondents think their company would be worse off, 17% think it’ll be the same, and 16% think it’ll be better.

Why are 12% of SMEs worried they don’t have a digital strategy? Could certain elements be implemented or improved? Digital tools can help businesses improve customer service, digital marketing, and data processing, among other things.

A lot of new profiles are being created by digital marketing

SMEs surveyed that hired staff to implement their digital strategy sought these profiles: digital marketing specialists (57%), web designers (46%), digitization consultants (43%), developers (31%), and user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) specialists (23%).

Before COVID-19, 48% of SMEs had a digital strategy

Taking the pulse of Spanish small and medium-sized businesses starts with understanding their situation before the pandemic and their digital strategy now. Could you tell me about your online presence and the steps you took? Is the pandemic changing your digital strategies and/or digital marketing strategies?

When 48% of SMEs started implementing a digital strategy before COVID-19, it wasn’t enough to adapt to the new situation. Thirty percent of companies already had digital strategies in place when the pandemic started, and they just needed to tweak them. 22% of SMEs didn’t have a digital strategy before the pandemic and had to develop one afterward.

SMEs hired 57% of staff to implement their digital strategy: digital marketers, 46% web designers, and 41% digital consultants.

The customer can’t ignore digitalization

There are lots of reasons why digital strategies make sense. 36% of SMEs do it to meet customer demands; 32% to create a stronger digital presence; and 31% so they can reach anyone, anywhere. It’s therefore important for small and medium-sized businesses to think about their customers and market needs as well as how they can reach new ones. According to 30% of those surveyed, these actions are about staying competitive and getting customer feedback directly and in real time.

60% of SMEs hired more people to go digital

SMEs’ workforce profiles are also affected by digital transformation. During COVID-19, SMEs migrated to a digital strategy, what happened to their staff?

As a result of adopting a digital strategy, 60% of SMEs hired more staff. In this percentage, 32% hired while firing, and 28% hired while firing. 31% of companies implemented their digital strategy with their existing staff, while only 5% cut staff. A smaller percentage (4%) of small and medium-sized companies outsourced digital strategy tasks.