The European Declaration for effective and independent advertising self-regulation has been signed by AUTOCONTROL

On the 30th anniversary of the European Advertising Standards Alliance, a group of advertising industry associations, European advertising self-regulatory organizations -including AUTOCONTROL- and Google -as the first platform incorporated into this body- have signed the “EASA 30th Anniversary Declaration for proactive and effective advertising self-regulation and improving socially responsible advertising in Europe”, also called the “Madrid Declaration.””.

In order to strengthen the development of effective and independent advertising self-regulation in all European markets, in accordance with the principles outlined in the Charter of EASA, the declaration is based on five principles, which reaffirm and expand the collective commitments of its members. All stakeholders, including industry, administration, and society, will benefit from responsible advertising.

The signing ceremony, held within the framework of the biannual EASA meetings, held in Madrid from October 5 to 7, was chaired by Rafael Escudero Alday, Secretary General for Consumer Affairs and Gaming; Mar*a *ngeles Ben*tez Salas, Director of the Representation of the European Commission in Spain; Ana Gallego Torres, Director General of the DG of Justice and Consumers. Charo Fernando Magarzo, Deputy Director of AUTOCONTROL and current President of EASA, and Lucas Boudet, Director General of the European organization, spoke on behalf of EASA.

This declaration commits the signatories to:

  • Establish a solid advertising self-regulation that covers all advertising formats and has all members’ financial support;

  • Using new technologies to develop advertising self-regulation systems;

  • Promote national self-regulation of advertising;

  • Defining a new European approach to the challenges;

  • Last but not least, support responsible, inclusive, effective, and agile advertising that promotes positive values, like sustainability, diversity, and social inclusion, as well as promoting and publicizing good practices.

The EASA will serve as a forum and meeting point for its members to share ideas, develop solutions, and collaborate with relevant stakeholders at all times.

During the presentation of the Madrid declaration, Rafael Escudero, the Secretary for Consumer Affairs and Gambling, said AUTOCONTROL had always collaborated, pointing out the work done with AUTOCONTROL on gambling ads, and food and beverage ads that are high in salt, fat, and sugar for kids. Public powers recognize this work and always ask for more effort to protect vulnerable people, so they’re satisfied with advertising self-regulation’s work.

Charo Fernando Magarzo, President of EASA and Deputy Director General of AUTOCONTROL, said: “For the 30th anniversary, we wanted to look critically and ambitiously toward the future, “so that advertising self-regulation is relevant and useful next year, for consumers, for the industry, for society as a whole.” To promote positive social values like environmental sustainability, inclusion, diversity, etc. And so we’ll be able to deal with our society’s challenges.”

In the 2023-2025 Action Plan, which EASA is already working on, this Declaration marks a milestone in the development of advertising self-regulation in Europe.