The future of advertising is artificial intelligence

It can perform intelligent operations 2,500 times faster than machine learning, so you can appreciate the magnitude of this leap.

Multi-sector applications of artificial intelligence are transforming industrial activity.

Advertizing is one of the most benefited sectors, which is looking for better ways to reach its audiences. Consumer habits can be personalized with deep learning -70% of users find it important that ads are relevant to what they consume-, but it can also segment them based on the weather, the time of day or the navigation style of each Internet user -for instance, if you visit a website without an objective or click on a specific product.

Thus, by achieving a more precise segmentation related to consumer tastes, we achieve advertising that is less intrusive, friendlier and, ultimately, more tailored to people’s needs; advertising that benefits consumers as well as brands.

Using AI, we are also able to analyze the data that contributes to the creation of successful advertising campaigns immediately. The system not only reduces management times exponentially, but also allows you to analyze previously inaccessible information. Based on hundreds of variables, you can analyze millions of keywords in hundreds of languages around the world in seconds.

When we analyze video ads, a promising format that has gained popularity as an effective tool for capturing the attention of users, artificial intelligence can be used to select images and headlines, modify and adapt them based on the characteristics of each user in real time. As a result, advertising has revolutionized because the classic target audience has become hyper-personalized. Users are now the protagonists, and they define the message instead of defining it for a set of interest audiences.

The use of deep learning in digital advertising has multiple advantages. In addition to speeding up creative and planning processes, it optimizes campaigns, reduces costs, and increases profitability for brands. As a result, marketers are able to develop more authentic campaign ideas and generate new ideas. Furthermore, it will be an important technology for the cookieless future in 2023. To operate in this new environment, AI will determine many more predictive models and search patterns.

Does AI have the ability to create the perfect advertisement?

While there is still a long way to go, there are already examples of great advertisements using this technology, such as Cruzcampo’s With a lot of accent. Though AI will not replicate human behavior, its developments in intelligent calculation and predictive models have proved extraordinary. Perhaps it is as disruptive as the printing press, the combustion engine or fire in history. The iceberg has just begun.