The use of artificial intelligence boosts campaign results by up to 70%

As part of Scibids’ professional meeting on personalized AI, major brands like BBVA, Barceló Hotels, Nissan and their media agencies presented impressive results from their programmatic campaigns, which were based on custom AI technology, both in terms of performance and branding.

A key meeting in Madrid has brought together renowned professionals in the digital sector to analyze the challenges of optimizing campaigns in today’s ecosystem using artificial intelligence (AI). Among the topics discussed were the features of the new generation of personalized AI technology, as well as how it brings great benefits to advertisers. Also, success stories of renowned brands using AI as part of their digital strategy, allowing them to increase profitability exponentially, were revealed.

Based on the main characteristics of this new generation of customized AI technology, it was revealed that they improve the performance of campaigns in DSPs. In addition, it is able to carry out a more effective optimization by feeding on any type of external tools, e.g., ad servers, third parties, etc., which reduce discrepancies and focus on metrics unavailable to DSPs. Furthermore, it uses metadata to avoid any conflict between privacy and performance, allowing advertising campaigns to be targeted more intelligently as a result. All this translates into a technology that decreases campaign costs and helps each euro invested in digital grow exponentially.

A number of success stories from reputable companies also highlighted how custom AI is bringing significant benefits to them. Thus, Barceló Hotels explained, in the mouth of its global director of digital marketing, Alberto Rodr*guez, together with Jorge Marzal, the Head of Programmatic at Jakala/Bmind, that artificial intelligence helps to optimize campaigns in order to maximize Return on Advertising Investment (ROAS). Furthermore, they explained that Scibids takes full advantage of the potential of this technology since they feed Nielsen’s VIQ software their data source. In such a way that their target KPI is improved.

According to Victor Frontán, Marketing Data Activation Manager of BBVA in Spain, and Bruna Suzuki, Programmatic Director of Mindshare, the financial institution was trying to improve the programmatic activity of the campaigns optimized by the media agency. In order to achieve this, they implemented customized AI technology and have verified that programmatic campaigns have improved in both performance and brand recognition. According to Victor Frontán, Scibids has enhanced the good work done by Mindshare traders.

Finally, Nissan United explained, through the testimonies of Florencia Ascarrunz and José Muries, Programmatic & SEA Manager and Cluster Director, respectively, that their performance campaigns are difficult to improve, as their target KPI is well advanced in the funnel. A conversation. For this reason, they ran A/B tests with two different DSPs to test Scibids’ effectiveness. “We saw that both results improved with it. Despite lower CPMs, we were able to reach the target audience we wanted and achieve our conversions with lower KPIs”.

A key feature of personalized AI technology is that Scibids’ algorithm learns holistically and randomly searches for the best combination of variables to obtain the best bid. It was also demonstrated that this technology can increase the results of branding and performance campaigns by up to 70%, as well as investment growth by up to 300%.

Scibids Country Manager Iberia Nuria Alonso says the meeting represents a sign of confidence on the part of large companies. In the years to come, I hope we will continue to move forward and celebrate together. We continue to help brands and agencies improve their real business objectives, whether they are ROAS or Brand Lift. We are already seeing a huge increase in demand for Scibids AI among companies in this sector.”

In addition to several hundred renowned professionals from the sector, the event was attended by numerous advertisers, agencies, DSPs, and technology providers.