Ukrainian Girls Raised $800,000 From Selling Nudes For Troops

A group of Ukrainian women has raised $791,259 by selling nudes. The money will go towards supporting the country’s troops.

The project, called TerOnlyFans, has managed to raise this enormous amount of money in just three months. The group has promised to keep the project going.

The group was founded by Nastsassia Nasko, who told the media that the project started by accident.

A couple of days after Russia invaded Ukraine, she tweeted asking if anyone with a car could help get an acquaintance out of Kharkiv, which was among the first Ukrainian cities the invading Russian troops attacked.

She did not get a response, and then she joked that she would send a nude picture to anyone who was able to help.

Within 5 minutes of making the naughty offer, she had 10 messages in her inbox. After sending a nude picture of herself to a man in a position to help, the acquaintance was evacuated from Kharkiv.