What are the best ways for brands to increase their business opportunities in the metaverse?

Though we keep hearing about it, the Metaverse does not actually exist or have a standardized definition. Due to its great opportunities, more and more companies are considering investing in this development. An expert panel of digital marketers, including Juan Mari, CEO of VRM; Dei Arroyo, freelance advertising creative, and Nuria Lloret, president of AECTA, senior advisor at Metric Salad and Professor at the University of UPV, was organized by the Mediterranean Marketing Club and moderated by Helena Ort*z, co-founder of Techer Team.

It’s a given that the Metaverse is a perfect place for brands to mix business, technology, leisure, and gaming, but is it right for every brand, regardless of size? Do you have to be from now on? In this new context, how and in what form should we introduce ourselves? Is there a way you can help companies boost their brand? Where are the business opportunities? As VRM CEO Juan Mari said, “I recommend brands look for their place in the Metaverse by taking over part of a territory.”

There is a common doubt among companies, regardless of size, about whether or not they should be in this virtual world already. Dei Arroyo, freelance publicist, recommends watching and analyzing virtual reality before putting your brand there. In social networks, it is important to be cautious and not just enter for the sake of entering.

According to all the experts, virtual reality is here to stay, and will, without a doubt, play a big part in the marketing strategies of companies. The president of AECTA, senior advisor at Metric Salad and professor at UPV, Nuria Lloret, warns, however, that all audiences must be considered, since gamification, for instance, is not as appealing to all segments of society. Although the Metaverse is a speculative investment, it is important that it is designed and built in such a way that all target groups feel included, and not just the youngest”, said the expert, who added that, on the other hand, those brands that do not have young people on their marketing teams will have a harder time implementing it.

This new virtual reality platform will be better suited to those who are digital natives because they will arrive earlier. In her words, Ra’l Cruz, chief strategy and innovation officer at Vysion-Grupo Mediapro, advises that brands remember “the Metaverse is a different way of using technology without forgetting that it will be what users want when it’s done. Experts recommend entering “with friends, in a group, since things work better in these situations.”

In short, the Metaverse will be an essential part of the marketing strategies of brands in the medium term, where interactive and customizable campaigns will be the focus, where the technology is present to develop it, but it does not exist yet. Due to its great opportunities, many are considering investing in this evolution of the Internet as we know it until now, as his idea is already around the virtual world.