What Can Happen to Your Body When You Chew

Something as simple as chewing can make a big difference in our bodies and improve our overall health. The process of chewing up food mixed with saliva helps absorb all the nutrients we need more easily, which is why it’s best to chew your food slowly and thoroughly — about 32 times each bite. That goes to say that you are not only what you eat, but also how.

1. Chewing slowly helps avoid weight gain.

What Can Happen to Your Body When You Chew

Think about it — if you take longer to chew your food, it’ll take longer for you to finish it, and that means you eat less of it and your brain then tells you that you’re full.

Not only that, but eating slowly and chewing carefully can help you if you are avoiding weight gain and trying to control your appetite. It may also fasten your metabolism, prevent overeating, and speed up the blood circulation in your belly.

2. Chewing well is connected to better performance.

What Can Happen to Your Body When You Chew

Chewing is actually related to memory and overall cognitive ability. It boosts the blood flow and oxygen to your brain, resulting in a better mental outcome.

People who chew well have better attention, alertness, problem-solving, information acquirement, decision-making skills, etc. Those who chew poorly may have difficulties with vocabulary, memory, and learning overall.