‘I bonked 120 students in a 21-day marathon – my future husband will be really lucky

A racy content creator who slept with more than 120 students in just three weeks admitted the feat was tiring but claimed it was easy work.

Bonnie Blue

Bonnie Blue spent 21 days in Mexico shooting X-rated videos with students from the US. The saucy star was taking advantage of the waves of Spring Breakers who had gone to spend their college break in Cancun.

Alongside fellow adult actress, Leilani May, Bonnie planned the stunt, offering guys the chance to star in a movie with them. And the girls had no problems finding co-stars to hook up with, as they were inundated by willing participants.

Bonnie Blue

While the plan was to sleep with 100 people and raise £156,000 ($200k) doing so, the pair smashed that target – and it was a walk in the park according to Bonnie.

Speaking to the Daily Star, she said: “It wasn’t that hard. I wish I could say ‘it was really difficult’. It really wasn’t. I took business cards and my plan was to hand them out for the first few days.

Bonnie Blue

“I’d introduce myself, say ‘hey, look I’m a porn star. I’m an OnlyFans creator. I want to make realistic content, do you want to film with me?’

“But literally from the day I landed in that hotel, people were coming up to me. It’s like ‘hey, I’ve seen you on TikTok, I’ve seen you on Instagram, I want to film with you.’

Bonnie May Leilani May

“I’d already circled everyone’s group chats, people had already been talking about it and sending it to their other friends saying ‘you need to speak with this girl’ or ‘hey, you need to try and get a video with this porn star’.

“So from literally day one, I was able to get five or six videos in a day. And all that would happen was whoever I’d seen that day, or sent me a nice message – because there was such a high volume of messages – it was basically come, first served in a lot of ways.

Bonnie Blue

“And sometimes they just passed me as I was off to the bar and ‘hey I’ve already messaged you, you haven’t got back to me’.

“And I would say ‘get your Instagram message up now and I’ll send you a time’.

“So a lot of the people I chose to film with was just because they came up to me and said ‘hi’ and I was able to lock in their times.”

Bonnie however admitted that she didn’t stop when the cameras stopped rolling.

Bonnie Blue

She said that she wanted to give the students the full experience, rather than just film with them and send them packing.

“I tended to just do a good group in the morning of like three to six videos, and then go and spend the afternoon by the beach and pool with them,” she said

“I wanted them to get to know me. I didn’t want it to just be some appointment where they turn up in a hotel room, leave and never get to see me.

“When you get to know someone that’s when you’re more interested, you’re more invested. And yeah, it’s good fun why wouldn’t I want to have a good time with them?”