News anchors publicity stunt to get more viewers on their channel

An unusual tactic to get more people watching the news sees anchors go braless live on air.

The tactic has left many people confused

The ploy deployed by Albanian media company Zjarr TV sees women read out the events of the day with an open jacket or shirt and no bra. Sat in front of a serious, large newsroom, various women read the news without a hint of irony – the only difference is that large parts of their chests are exposed.

The move sees women present the news braless

They cover serious matters, including politics and major events, and yet each time they return to the studio, with serious news playing on TVs in the background, the anchors once again have no bras on.

In one video, titled, 360° Grade -Greta, Enki, Flavia, Eliona, which is pinned to the top of the channel’s YouTube page at the time of writing, a montage of four women, presumed to be Greta, Enki, Flavia, Eliona, plays through.

The wild convention is a long way from your average news broadcast

Elsewhere on the channel, a regular show sees two men speak about events in front a greenscreen with a noose hanging in the foreground.

An image of some of the women was recently posted to X, formerly Twitter, by the account COLOURZ with the caption: “Albanian TV anchors are always braless to boost the audience on Zjarr TV”.

“This is quite unprofessional in my own opinion,” one person commented. “Could be a comfort choice or a fashion statement,” added another.

“This doesn’t make sense to me,” another said while a fourth chipped in “It’s meant to boost viewership ratings…”